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Reveal CS

Software Development Specialists

Providers of high quality application development services

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Software Development Specialists

We are a midlands-based company specialising in the design of online systems for small/medium/large businesses.

Established in 1995, we have a proven track record of developing high quality systems.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and our high quality solutions. And so if you are looking for someone to help turn your vision into a reality, then look no further.


System Development

Get ahead of the competition by presenting a user-friendly interface to your customers, tailored to your products and services.

The limitations of off-the shelf software can hold you back, but with a bespoke online system that has been designed specifically to meet your needs, the sky is the limit.

Find out more on our System Development page.


Support Services

If you already have your own systems, and you need some bugs fixing or some small enhancements, then we can help.

We specialise in the support of PHP database applications but we have expertise in many technologies.

Find out more on our Support Services page.


Reveal CMS

Traditional Content Management Systems are great for new websites that need to be updated frequently by multiple authors. However, if you simply want to give certain users the ability to change a limited amount of content within existing websites then 'Reveal CMS' could be your best option.

Find out more on our Reveal CMS page.



If you want to give your visitors that all-important good first impression, and you want your site to render correctly in both old and new browsers including mobile devices, then Reveal CS can deliver the goods.

We can add dynamic functionality such as a search feature, e-commerce, automated stock control and other features tailored specifically to your needs.

Find out more on our Websites page.


Things We’ve Done

Our portfolio includes websites, systems for local authorities, and twelve years of delivering support and development services to Powergen/EON.

Find out more on our Things We’ve Done page.


In-house Projects

We are working on several in-house projects, two of which are:

  • A system that not only combines task and project management, but also tells staff what they should be working on at any particular time. Advanced features include automatically scheduling staff's time to best address multiple tasks from multiple customers.
  • A site that makes it easy to create and share online quizzes.

Find out more on our In-house Projects page.


Our Philosophy

We believe that developers should always strive to consider demanding scenarios in their analysis and always aim to deliver 100% solutions in their designs.

Find out more about our philosophy on the Our Philosophy page.



For outstanding system analysis & design and top quality system development, you’ve come to the right place:

Find out more about Reveal CS on our About Us page.


Transform your vision into reality

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If you are looking for someone to help turn your vision into a reality, then look no further.


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Software Developer

Choose Reveal CS if you want a bespoke software developer of the highest quality. We specialise in designing online systems for small/medium/large businesses.

We also provide support services (e.g. fixing IT problems, developing small enhancements) and technical consultancy.

Reveal CS is based in Binley, Coventry, West Midlands, UK.


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